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Jun 6 (Gemini)
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I am a Christian
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Welcome Home Daniel





 Joni Rest In Peace

Places to visit before you turn 100

The Florida Gulf Coast And to go tubing:D.

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Welcome Home Daniel August 21,2012 from Second Tour in Afghanistan and hopefully his last.

Watch the Marines land on USA soil.


People I look up to

Whitney Houston the voice of an angel. Sadly she let drugs take over her life. Through all of her struggles with drugs, God was by her side. She stumbled and fell many times, but never left her faith in God.She said the demon was inside her. May she rest in peace with God.You will be missed by me personally. I have no idea why her passing hit me so hard, it has been a time when I renewed my faith in God. I have never personally ever taken drugs, but I was addicted to cigarettes for over 50 years. It took me having a stroke and watching my sister die from COPD to wake me up. Cold turkey was the only way to go. It took me 3 tries before I was able to finally give it up.I truly believe there is something put in the cigarettes to addict us. When it comes down to it, it is mind over matter. We have to try and know God is by our side to help us when we stumble and fall.I believe in miracles and Jesus. The angels from above watch over us.http://www.christianmusicstore.biz/artist/4519/whitney-houston/?mkwid=sWOdZu3Rw&crid=16966894805&

Dr Eugene Reynolds who works for the Gaston County Health Department. He honestly cares about people and their well being. He is an excellent doctor and I have the utmost respect for him. He could be out there making big money with his own practice and he chooses to donate his time to helping people that are not wealthy and making sure they have medication, when they can't afford it. He is ACES.
My sister in law Judy who in my eyes is a true Christian. She has a code of ethics she lives by and has Christ in her heart and actions. She is now in Heaven.  I celebrate her life and all she has done for others. If anyone is in heaven, I know it her. Rest in Peace dear sister.

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